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Entrepreneur, investor and


Stan Bril is an entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. Stan is known for his blunt and straightforward approach to business and his incomparable ambition.

Stan’s interest in entrepreneurship and drive to achieve led him to start his first business venture at the age of 11 mowing neighbors lawns. Born in Eastern Europe, he arrived to North America on a plane with his parents and siblings. From cutting lawns, to selling cars on e-Bay and waiting tables, his drive enabled him led him to the fulfillment of a better life for himself and his family. Stan’s motivational business advice has received praise through TV, print, radio and digital media. He has been featured in CNBC, Fox News, Forbes, INC. Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, AdWeek and more.

His personal philosophy of making sacrifices and looking towards the future has helped Stan achieve a great deal of success in the professional world.

This focus on self-assurance and hard work goes back Bril's journey to complete his education, where he worked his way through high school and college, while competing as a NCAA athlete.

Travelling extensively, Stan seeks to find value in diverse companies and markets throughout the world and is advised by a team of legal, accounting and management professionals. He has recently made detailed preliminary investigations into businesses in the United Kingdom, and Spain as well as emerging markets such as Moldova, Bulgaria, Republic of Macedonia, China, India and the United Emirates backed by major financial institutions and worldwide banks.


Stan Bril regularly participates in interviews and on expert panels to share insights and opinions on emerging trends in business and entrepreneurship as well as to reveal the foundational principles behind his success.

Stan speaks openly about his upbringing, including important lessons he learned from his parents.

He also delves into what it’s like to be a child of an immigrant. Stan’s years of experience as a successful repeat entrepreneur are a valuable source of insights.

Above all, Stan ensures that his audiences understand his fundamental, personal beliefs about success, entrepreneurship, money, hard work and sales.

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Business interests

Passionate about startups, Stan is constantly looking for great companies that have the potential to make it big.

"There’s something indescribably magical about seeing someone with a dream, and taking the journey from startup to multi-million dollar business with them. When I make a deal these entrepreneurs are my partners and become my friends."

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Stan’s has a focus and strong understanding of the commodities markets. He is primarily interested in hard assests which include gas, oil, precious metals and stones.

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Real Estate

Stan has real estate interests in several prime residential and commercial properties all over the world. He is seeking to make investments in various emerging markets. Stan maintains excellent contacts with real estate brokers and developers as he aims to continue building and increasing his portfolio of property and land developments.

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